Blower Filter

What is a blower? First, let us start with identifying the machinery and the equipment, where the use of filters takes place: Blowers are installation equipment, which provide transfer of air at high flow rate or low pressure in an emission exposed environment. The fan inside the blowers spins and vacuums the air in the suction area. Afterwards, the trapped air is pushed towards the exit side. Blowers are generally used to transfer air. What is a blower filter? Let us see, what we can add to this operating principle: Though its usual principle of operation is to function as a sound absorber, it is a filter type with various areas of use. In addition to synthetic fiber or woven fabric media, production can be achieved with cellulosic-containing raw material. On accounts of their heat tolerance and moisture resistance, production can also be made with fiber-glass fibers and paper material with polyester content. Blower filters need to be cleaned and replaced at regular intervals in order to get more efficiency. Our recommendation is to check and clean the suction filter once a week and to change it once in every 1000 operating hours. Medias with felt raw materials can also be used in blower filters' production, should you request it. We are able to produce filters of any size and do our best to provide you with the advantages of being a manufacturer.
Blower Filter
  • Blower Filter
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