Mesh Filter

Using Italian-style meshes, we can produce any size of mesh filters starting from 5 microns. Mesh filters acquired from our company are of AISI 304 and AISI 316 qualities and should any loss of productivity occur, they can be cleaned and used as if it is the first day of use. Meshes are tolerant to up to 650 °C heat and their corrosion resistance is high; since it contains nickel. In wires that are 304 quality, 18% of chromium and 8% of nickel can be found. However, in wires that are of 314 quality, there are 2% more of molybdenum. With the contribution of molybdenum, wires became extra resistant to salt, sea water and acid. In 316 quality wires, there are 18% chromium, and 10% of nickel; also, they endure heat up to 650 °C and have high oxidation endurance. Breaking and flexural strength of these filters are excellent. Also, in accordance with your demands, we can produce stainless filters that are of AISI 316, 302, 310, 303, and 314 qualities. Advantages of mesh filters can be listed as below: • High capacity of filtration, owing to their wide filtration surface • Occupancy of small place, even at high rates of flow • Production with any specific micron value; even with fluids with high-density particles; owing to their reliable operating mechanism, easy montage and maintainability. • No extra energy supplement need • No interruption and very little disposal of liquid that is going into the system, during the process of reverse cleaning. Mesh filters provide high productivity and success for your machinery. How do they operate? After the liquid enters the inlet section, it is filtered through the coarse mesh outside-in; then, it is filtered through the fine mesh inside-out. Coarse filter is designed for cleaning mechanism to protect itself from larger dirt particles. After a while, a press cake is formed on the surface of the fine mesh, and causes a pressure difference. This pressure difference shows that the filter is clogged and that it should be changed or cleaned, as soon as possible. Standard mesh and micron values are listed below. Informing us on the choice of filtration, would be more than enough for us.
Mesh Filter
  • Mesh Filter
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